We have centralized library system which supports the teaching and learning programs in the college with its excellent collection of textbooks, reference books, general reading books, journals & magazines, CD-ROMs, eBooks and other types of reading and study materials including subject handbooks, manuals, and data sheets. The objective of the library is to increase the learning and research efficiency in the institution with its printed and online resources and participate actively in fulfillment to the educational mission of the institution. We have the facility of providing books from the Book Bank to support the students from rural and semi-urban areas. The Library has rich collections in its domain subjects with wide prospects of information. It has a good collection of books in the area of interest i.e. Communication skills, Science and Technology, Mathematics etc. It has 4600 titles and 22,500 volumes of reference and textbooks. There is open access to the users in the library. The students have free in-hand facilities for books and journals through the use of computerized catalogs. The Periodicals Section has 87 national and international journals and available apart from the availability of magazines in various areas. It has a recognizable number of conference proceedings and transactions published by reputed institutions like IEEE, IETE, and ISTE etc.